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Windrock Spotlight Monitoring System

Introducing Windrock's New Spotlight Monitoring System! If you thought IIoT devices and analytics on “the other 95%” of your devices would be cumbersome and time-consuming - or too expensive –Spotlight just put those fears to rest.

Windrock Spotlight

Windrock Enterprise

Windrock Enterprise, a next generation IIoT platform, is transforming the way companies track and manage assets using actionable insights and predictive advisories from across your entire operation.

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Users' Group 2019

Join us for Users' Group 2019 in beautiful New Orleans, Louisiana! Users' Group registration will open in January 2019. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Windrock 6400 Portable Analyzer

Windrock has launched the next generation of its industry leading Portable Analyzer.

Windrock 6400

The Platinum Online Monitoring System

The ultimate platform to protect and assess the health of your reciprocating and rotating machinery


Engine & Compressor Analysis Services

Windrock provides a wide range of testing & diagnostic services for peak productivity, efficiency & compliance.


Analyst Training Program

Windrock offers training in Compressor Analysis, Engine Analysis, and FFT/Spectrum Analysis.


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Windrock's New Spotlight Monitoring System makes data collection and analysis fast and affordable!

Windrock's new Spotlight Monitoring System has been developed to make IIoT intelligence affordable for the other 95% - reciprocating and rotating machinery that is important but not currently monitored continuously. The Spotlight Monitoring System is an automated, real-time analyzer that leverages IIoT principles to deliver insights into the health and performance of critical essential equipment. To learn more click here.

Windrock is an expert in condition-based and performance-based monitoring solutions for compressors and engines across multiple applications. We design and manufacture portable analyzers and online systems.  In addition to our products, Windrock's Technical Services team of analysts travel the world to help companies large and small by consulting and working with their reliability and maintenance programs.



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