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Technology That Turns Data Into Performance

From online monitoring systems and portable instruments to machinery health monitoring and asset management systems, Windrock offers everything you need to improve machine reliability, optimize performance, increase safety and assure regulatory compliance.

Windrock products are used worldwide by operators, engineers, and maintenance personnel to analyze, monitor, trend, alarm, and automatically diagnose the mechanical condition and performance of reciprocating engines, compressors, and rotating machinery.

Windrock's NewMonitoring System

Windrock's New Spotlight Monitoring System is a plug-and-play solution that elevates the collection and analysis of predictive performance data to the next level. IIoT solutions don't have to be overly complex and expensive to implement. With our new Spotlight Monitoring System, simply attach the magnet-mounted sensors (we call them "PUCS") on the machine to record temperature, vibration, and in-cylinder pressure levels. To learn more about our state-of-the-art solution click the button below. Windrock Spotlight


Windrock Enterprise

Windrock Enterprise provides actionable insights and predictive advisories on not only your rotating equipment but for most other industrial assets at your compressor station or plant site.

By using Key Performance Indicators, sourced from operational insights across your company, Windrock Enterprise gives a clear, concise, and near real-time picture of your entire fleet of assets.

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Portable Analyzers

Windrock offers the most comprehensive selection of portable diagnostic instruments available to analyze and monitor your reciprocating and rotating machinery.

These instruments provide the means to accomplish compressor performance testing, engine testing, horsepower measurement, vibration analysis and inspection of mechanical condition.

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Online Monitoring Systems

Windrock On-Guard™ and Platinum online monitoring systems employ permanently installed transducers and local signal conditioning to provide continuous measurement of machinery condition and performance.  On-Guard™ and Platinum systems are specifically designed for reciprocating engines and compressors and protect these assets against catastrophic failure by providing critical parameter values, along with associated alarms to machinery control systems.  Modular construction allows the Windrock to design a system that meets your needs and objectives.  Your local representative will be pleased to assist in specifying which On-Guard™ modules and Platinum systems best meets your application needs.

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Windrock JumpStart

Windrock JumpStart is a cost-effective option that offers you the full range of Windrock products, services and support for a simple, monthly fee. You select the level of service you need—and Windrock handles the rest.

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