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Our Services

Windrock's reciprocating machinery analysis services evaluate the mechanical condition and performance of reciprocating engines and compressors. Our highly trained analysts are leaders in the industry, with more than 400 years of combined experience evaluating a wide array of reciprocating machinery in many related industries:

  • Gas gathering
  • Midstream pipeline and operations
  • Refining and chemical processors
  • Marine propulsion
  • Mining
  • Nuclear standby generation equipment
  • Power generation

Using the most advanced diagnostic equipment, our analysts can provide immediate feedback on machine health, complete diagnostic reports and troubleshooting help. We provide diesel engine analysis, vibration analysis, emergency generator analysis and evaluate engine and compressor performance.

Services are available as needed or on a regular schedule. We can provide data analysis for both portable and online programs and through on-site or remote analysis.

Our predictive maintenance services help eliminate costly outages and down time by giving your management and field operations teams the information they need to better manage maintenance schedules.

Our analysts provide field reports with immediate recommendations as well as formal, follow-up reports with additional detail and long-range maintenance recommendations.