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Portable Analyzers

Windrock offers the most comprehensive selection of portable diagnostic tools available to analyze and monitor your reciprocating and rotating machinery.

These analyzers provide the means to accomplish compressor performance testing, engine testing, horsepower measurement, vibration analysis and inspection of mechanical condition.  Using proven crank-angle-referenced vibration and ultrasonic signatures combined with cylinder pressures, Windrock analyzers provide a complete, non-intrusive, component-level view of your engine.  Each analyzer delivers the insight you need to boost efficiency improve reliability and save money on maintenance and repairs.

       Windrock 6400 Portable Analyzer                                                       This brand new analysis tool is the latest and greatest in the Windrock          product catalog. The Windrock 6400 offers vast improvements over all           previous generations of portable analyzers.Read More>                                  Brochure (English) Brochure (Espanol)                                    Brochure (Portuguese) CARE Program

Diesel Analyzers

Diesel Analyzers

The Windrock 6400 Diesel Analyzer offers unmatched power to assess engine performance and mechanical condition.  This powerful analyzer can be found in industries including marine, mining, power generation, nuclear plants, rail, and others.  

Read More>    Diesel Analyzer Brochure   CARE Program