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Designed for operators of slow-speed, industrial engines, Windrock’s patented AutoBalance™ system can minimize emissions, cut fuel consumption, decrease wear and improve overall machine reliability. All of these benefits result from a properly balanced engine, and AutoBalance™ automatically maintains optimal balance on engines 24/7 by providing continuous, peak-pressure balancing for large-bore natural gas-fired engines. The system is designed for slow-speed, integral engines such as Cooper-Bessemer, Clark/Dresser, Ingersoll-Rand, Worthington, and other two- or four-stroke engines with individual cylinder fuel adjustment valves. Typical applications for these engines include natural gas gathering, transmission, processing and storage. As an alternative to costly high pressure fuel injection systems, AutoBalance™  can help operators meet the increasingly tighter emissions requirements and remain in regulatory compliance.  Based on the time-proven concepts of manual balancing, AutoBalance™  maintains constant engine balance over extended periods without any human intervention.

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