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On-Guard Products

The On-Guard™ family of reciprocating engine and compressor online monitoring systems are an essential tool for measuring mechanical condition and unit performance. Systems offer the end user, OEM, or packager, the flexibility to design a monitoring system tailored specifically to each application, ranging from single parameter monitoring, such as rod drop or frame vibration to advanced machinery shutdown protection systems.

The On-Guard™ architecture is modular, consisting of six unique data-acquisition modules, referred to as "smart" modules because each module is multi-channeled with its own processor, memory, and multi-drop address. The user can select the appropriate number and type of "smart" modules to meet the level of monitoring each application requires.


HP-Guard Compressor Monitoring

The HP-Guard module is designed specifically to provide a cost effective, reliable measurement of in-cylinder dynamic pressure for reciprocating compressors.  By relating cylinder pressure to crank-angle, HP-Guard will calculate importation performance and machinery condition parameters. These calculations allow users to "safely" maximize throughput on their reciprocating compressors and gain a very accurate measurement of load on the compressor driver, which is critical for accurate emission reporting. 

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E-Guard Engine Monitoring

The E-Guard module is designed to monitor slow speed engine balance and quality of combustion.  With today's clean air requirements, it is critical to know that an engine's power cylinders peak firing pressures (PFP) are well balanced with consistent cycle-to-cycle combustion and no misfires or detonations in order to operate the unit with the lowest possible output of nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide.  The E-Guard module accepts up to ten high temperature pressure sensors and provides statistical data on average PFP for each power cylinder, location of PFP, compression pressure and percentage of poor combustion, pre-combustion, and detonations. 

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P-Guard Process Monitoring

The P-Guard data acquisition module chassis provides a cost-effective solution for monitoring dynamic or static machinery processes.  With inputs of 4-20mA and 1-5VDC, along with crank angle, P-Guard is commonly used to monitor compressor rod drop and rod runout, providing rider band wear assuring mechanical integrity of the compressor piston rod and head. 

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V-Guard Vibration Monitoring

The V-Guard III is Windrock's eight channel vibration module. Each module accepts up to eight accelerometers and can be used as a standalone vibration monitoring system to monitor reciprocating or centrifugal machinery or connected to Windrock's other modules, to add additional vibration capabilities to the C-Guard, HP-Guard, or E-Guard modules.  V-Guard III is commonly used to monitor compressor crosshead impacts, compressor cylinder head velocity, engine and compressor frame vibration, power cylinder detonation and turbocharger and accessory acceleration levels.

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