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The Windrock Platinum system is the latest generation of online monitoring. Utilizing technology advancements derived from Windrock On-Guard and 6320 portable analyzers, as well as RECIP-TRAP analyzers, the Platinum system provides the best platform available to protect and assess the health of reciprocating machinery.

Exclusive features include:

  • Any Data, Any Channel – A virtually unlimited combination of data acquisition channels for pressure, vibration, temperature, proximity.
  • Real-time Data and event Playback – View what is happening on the machine right now, as well as conditions that led to warning or alarm conditions. A rolling event buffer provides history of every signal, every degree of revolution.
  • Advanced Shutdown Capability - Platinum systems are able to continuously evaluate multiple signals, calculated parameters and alarm limits within its polling algorithms to provide the fastest and most reliable shutdown capabilities available.
  • Just like Windrock Portable – Based on the technology of Windrock portable analyzers, it acquires and filters data exactly the same way. This enables use of industry standard vibration filters (VT1/VT4), FFT vibration analysis and trending cylinder leak index, plus much more.
  • Monitors rotating equipment – Provides full rotating vibration monitoring with accelerometers, velocity sensors and proximity probes. Advanced features, such as orbits, Bode, polar and waterfall, are ideal for high-speed turbines.
  • Platinum is Smart – Each component and channel of the system features self-monitoring diagnostics that identify and warn you of system problems. Critical components, such as power supplies and hard drives, are fully redundant and load sharing.
  • Remote Analysis ready – Designed with remote analysis in mind, whether from within your own enterprise or by Windrock’s Technical Services team.
  • Meets regulatory Compliance –Platinum systems are designed to comply with hazardous area and SIL requirements.

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